hidrocarbons separator

HODSS LOGO_200 ppx pngH.O.D.S.S. (Oleophobic Dispesant Hydrocarbon Separation Solution), is a biodegradable product of vegetal origin capable of separating hydrocarbons of any mineral, vegetable or fluid immediately and respecting the environment.

HODSS is an excellent substitute of chemical dispersants has no limitations and can work in any weather, also works in salt water at very low temperatures, with plants and plankton and is free of allergens, thereby not damage the flora and fauna.

HODSS not only works faster, safer and more efficient, but it beats any product on the market for its speed and effectiveness.

tank cleaner

TOC LOGO_200 ppxT.O.C (Tank Oil Cleaner) is a product of the same family as HODSS but with more  scaling power.

With its new formulation a high cleaning power is achieved on the walls of oil storage tanks and high effectiveness in cleaning pipelines.

TOC is a completely biodegradable product and due to its high water content, the difficult and dangerous task of cleaning tanks, becomes a simple task of cleaning without endangering any operator without there being any risk of poisoning because no chemicals are used.

petroleum demulsifier

LOGO PED_200 ppxP.E.D. (Petroleum Ecologic Demulsifier). Thanks to our R & D department has, we have developed a completely biodegradable product to perform a full demulsification of crude once extracted from underground.

The major oil companies are already using PED for its great effectiveness and the benefits obtained in the refining process after application.

The formulation of PED fits the ASAI of the crude to demulsify easy for optimal and fast results in the process form.

petroleum encapsulator

LOGO OPE_200 ppxO.P.E. (Organic Petroleum Encapsulator)

This product is focused to control oil spills in areas of fluid. Primarily designed for drilling offshare where contamination spread quickly.

The product is sprayed onto the sea area affected, and soon seen as crude and encapsulating will be gathering in small scabs which are easily recovered by wire mesh.

Thanks to OPE, you can avoid contaminations that are currently coming to the shores and coastlines of our planet.

OPE is a product of vegetable origin and completely biodegradable.

fat cleaner

logo-dgreasy_200 ppxDgreasy is a product of vegetable origin and 100% biodegradable food industry focused.

Its main mission is to remove any animal fat from any surface quickly and without applying it to high temperatures.

Dgreasy is intended primarily for the restaurant industry, but now also being marketed for home use.


HODSS-EM+_200ppxHODSS-EM+ is a white fluid containing inorganic salts and organic compounds to be used in cleaning and clay sludge contaminated with hydrocarbons.

The main mission of HODSS-EM+ is to break the existing electric charges particles to neutralize the sludge, once the electric charge has been neutralized, the mission is carried to use our separation product  HODSS-OZ


HODSS-OZ_200 ppx pngHODSS-OZ is a transparent liquid containing a mixture with a peroxide to be used in cleaning sludge and clay  contaminated with hydrocarbons. It is used in conjunction with HODSS-EM +.
This is an inorganic product, which facilitates separation and settling of fine suspended solids from hydrocarbon.


logo_tocPO_200 ppxTOC-PO is a ecological cleaner developed for cleaning various types of machinery that process  Palm Oil .

The potentiating formula  of this product gets detach sticky residue usually present in both storage tanks and pipelines and in different parts of the process of this oil.

This product is biodegradable and suitable for use in the food industry.

ecologic road's deduster

LOGO ERD_200 ppxERD is an additive developed to eliminate dust generation in roads, storage areas, heliports, and transport and unloading of minerals.

It is a mixture of inorganic salts and organic additives soluble in water, designed to prevent pollution and environmental degradation in dry times for the production of dust and other volatile fine particles.

** E.R.D. It is completely soluble in water. It does not affect microorganisms in sewage treatment **