Tank cleaning



  1. Vacate completely the tank.
  2. Block the intake valves and fuel outlet.
  3. Degas the tank in accordance with the procedures and safety standards established HSE.
  4. Once the tank was gasified, prepare the TOC solution in water at a concentration of about 5%; Apply the solution to the surface and clean spray and leave to act about 15-20 minutes. After this time, washing the probing area has applied the solution using a washing machine, preferably hot water and washing with plenty of water.

As the hydrocarbon mixture is withdrawn from the water collected in the tank chamber by a pump, it is deposited in an external tank for the subsequent separation and recovery of the hydrocarbon, as well as the collection of the sludge sands.

Once the bottom has been cleaned, the walls are cleaned and the water is collected to discharge it into the separation tank.


Necessary Equipment

Gas meter equipment

equipo-medidor-gasesWith the gas meter, a professional and qualified HSE, measures the atmosphere inside the tank and see if a person can enter with equipment self contained air, vapor filter mask or simply without any air supply or mask.

Air supply equipment.

equip-autocontenidoA supplied air type portable self contained for one person is needed. This equipment is essential for rescue in a tank. They are usually mark MSA.





This eqequip-aireuipment is for a minimum of two people and consists of a generator, a compressor with air filters that allow type D for people and a full face mask type. These are assembled by hand.


extractorThis extractor must be explosion proof

Chemical product for cleaning.

envase-tocTOC is a product of the same family as HODSS but with more power scaling.

With its new formulation, a high cleaning power is achieved on the walls of oil storage tanks and high effectiveness in cleaning pipelines.

TOC is a completely biodegradable product and due to its high water content, the difficult and dangerous task of cleaning tanks, becomes a simple task of cleaning without endangering any operator without there being any risk of poisoning because no chemicals are used.

Lower Tools.

Retail tool we mean plastic shovels, rakes and other consumables that can be used, water for personal, sawdust, wrenches of different sizes to open access tank covers, disposable, stretcher, first aid kit, cones oranges, at least 3 extinguishers 20 pounds, etc.

Pressure whaser hot water.

hidrolavadora_2The pressure washer is powered by a combustion engine with a capacity of up to 100 bar and a water heater to 80º celsius.


pick upIt is the vehicle used to transport the tank cleaning personnel and their equipment.

Necessary staff

One Foreman.

The foreman need a vast experience as well as a course of confined space entry and measurement of atmospheres. If necessary, it can serve as a lookout industrial safety.

Industrial Safety Engineer.

The industrial engineer could be placed optional. Normally, single gang, the foreman can serve as a lookout, but in some companies require a permanent HSE engineer.

Workers to enter to confined spaces

Are required at least four workers, who must have completed the course proficiency for entry into confined and possessing the corresponding certificate spaces.